Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's News?

I believe the following stories from the front page of are newsworthy because they have some of the traditional news values that are needed to reach an audience and be relevant.

Fire destroys city playground:
This story is newsworthy because the destruction of this playground has impacted this community greatly. There is no longer a safe place for children to play and the members of the community will have to rebuild what was originally a $350,000 project.The story is also unusual. Its is not everyday that you hear about a playground burning to the ground.The story was timely it happened on the day that it was on the front page in the afternoon.The proximity also makes it newsworthy the Baltimore sun mainly viewed by Maryland citizens and this fire took place in a community in Maryland.This story also appeals to human interest. People will feel sorry for this community that put all their hard work into building a place where children could feel safe while playing only to have it burn down only 3 years later.

Details announced for Oct. 4 Michael Phelps homecoming:
This story is newsworthy because it is about a Maryland Citizen who also happens to be a celebrity so it has proximity and prominence.

1 dead, 5 hurt in shooting in East Baltimore:
This story is newsworthy because at the time that is was on the front page it was extremely timely the shooting occurred at around 9:30pm and the story was on the site by 11:00pm

* All of these stories were taken from the frontpage of on 9/9/09

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While the blog posts are short, I would like to have a little more content in them. The titles you use are creative and entice me (and probably others too) to read your posts.