Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So Long "TRL" Hello "F'N MTV"

MTV's 'Total Request Live' ending in November

MTV is ending it's hit show TRL after a 10-year run. Executives feel that it is time to give the show a break because of loss of viewers. They plan to substitute it with a newer show titled 'F'N MTV' hosted by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy.

I believe this story was produced with the help of a press release because it is more of an announcement. Many times companies use press releases to get media outlets to annouce major changes that are occuring within that may not be common knowledge.

Ike survivors may wait weeks for hot meals, baths

This story has to deal with the thousands of survivors after hurricane Ike not having the neccesities that need to return to their everyday lives after the storm. They say it might be weeks before their communities regain electricity and water for things such as baths and even longer for their service stations to be refilled with gasoline.

I believe this story was produced by original reporting because no one have to send out a notice that these things are happening to these people reporters have been covering Ike from the beginning and they just happen to be there for the aftermath and able to interview residents.

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