Sunday, September 21, 2008

Twitter Me This

Twitter is something that is new to me but I think it is a great way for news sources to update their audiences on things that are happening right now.

After looking at my classmates' Twitter sites I three headlines to discuss that I felt were written in active voice, concise while still fully explaining the story and answered the 5Ws and the H.

Headline #1 comes from SabrinaL and reads: 'Towson's Go Green plan reduces confusion' and the story that follows reads : 'By December, an estimated 2,800 recycling containers will be placed around campus to accommodate all objects in need of recycling.' This is written in active voice and is short yet explains the main part of the story. The 130 word story and the headline also answer the who: Towson's Go Green Plan, What: 2,800 recycling containers, Where: on campus, When: by December, Why: to reduce confusion and How: by placing the containers around campus.

Headline #2 also comes from SabrinaL and reads 'Budget cuts cause University of Maryland to freeze hiring. " and the story that follows reads:'USM, in a memo sent out late Thursday night, forced this freeze in anticipation for budget cuts due to the struggling economy.' Also written in active voice answers the Who: University System of Maryland , What : freeze hiring, Where: Maryland, When: Thursday and Why: Budget cuts.

Headline #3 comes from SabrinaL and reads 'Tigers lose to No. 4 Spiders, 45-14' and the story reads 'Quarterback Sean Schaefer’s game losing four interceptions resulted in a 24 point gain in Richmond’s favor, 45-14, Saturday afternoon. ' The Who: Sean Schaefer/Tigers, What: lose game 45-14, Where: , When: Saturday and Why: 4 interceptions .

These headlines are all good examples.

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jatwater said...

I like your headline! Make sure you are proofreading your posts before you hit publish. I'm seeing some typos that may just be a result of typing too fast!